Kids Camp


We are kids yoga specialists, committed to helping youth from preschool through high school learn tools that increase strength, balance, flexibility, focus, de-stressing techniques, coping skills, body awareness, and confidence. 

As a non-competitive physical activity, kids yoga will help harness your child’s whimsical and spirited energy and empower them to be themselves at their healthiest and happiest! 

Yoga for Adults

Our private yoga classes provide a break from your day to realign yourself with your inner balance, mindfulness principles, strength, and focus. Each custom class is built with your needs in mind, combining techniques and principles from various styles of yoga.

Building in a regular private fitness opportunity tailored to your body’s needs can help you go deeper in your yoga practice, be more productive, manage your daily stress, and live a healthy, happy life!


Choose your habitat

Let your active schedule accommodate your active lifestyle. Discover how Habitat Yoga can bring a personalized yoga class to your natural habitat, infusing an extra ounce of happiness, balance, fitness and energy into your day.



Customized classes to create a happier, healthier, and more positive workforce.


Fitness for apartments, business parks, coworking spaces, & more.


Classes incorporating movement, motor skills, and mindfulness for your students.


Classes for birthdays, summer camps, festivals, corporate events, and more.


One-on-one or team training, tailored to your sport, injury, or cross-training needs.

private classes

Individual or small group classes for adults, kids' play dates, or families.


Yoga shapes the body, mind & outlook on life

While many people begin practicing yoga in search of the physical, exercise-based benefits, they are often surprised by the benefits they receive mentally and emotionally.  A true fusion of the mind and body, yoga offers much more than a traditional work-out.



yoga improves

Flexibility  -  Strength  -  Balance  -  Muscle Tone  -  Endurance -  Energy  -  Joint Health  -  Pain Prevention  -  Spine Flexibility  -  Back Pain  -  Weight Loss  -  Metabolism  -  Digestion  -  Energy  -  Vitality  -  Range of Motion  -  Injury Prevention



Yoga cultivates

Body Awareness  -  Self-Confidence  -  Focus & Concentration  -  Mindfulness  -  Gratitude  -  Self-Love  -  Presentness  -  Happiness  -  Non-Competitive Outlook on Fitness


Yoga teaches you to

Use & Improve the Quality of Your Breath  -  Calm the Central Nervous System  -  Cope with Stress  -  Reduce Anxiety & Depression  -  Relieve Sleep Problems