Habitat Yoga

We believe yoga is more than just a fitness class in a studio.
It's more than postures and flows, chanting and breathing.

As we say in kids' classes, sometimes getting into your body can help you get out of your head. Especially in stressful or highly productive environments, turning off that to-do list in your brain and spending a full hour to breathe deeply and move freely can give you the space to reset. And honing in these tools of breath, meditation, and movement can ultimately help you tap into a mind-body connection that allows you to stay present in each moment, to find gratitude for each day, and to live a life that is fulfilling and engaged.

As important as it is to make time on your mat, the biggest benefits of yoga translate to your life beyond your mat -- your home, your workplace, your school -- your natural habitat where you spend the majority of your time. Habitat Yoga is our endeavor to bring yoga directly to those environments and give you the opportunity to pause, to move, to breathe, and to connect with your inner self.


Meet Ashley

Ashley (Drinnon) Ray has been teaching yoga to adults and children at yoga studios, workplaces, schools, and camps since 2013.

After gaining her 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification, Ashley completed specialty training in hot yoga and vinyasa yoga. With a wide range of experience in various styles of yoga, Ashley customizes each class to her students' needs and goals, catering to a variety of levels. Incorporating some light-hearted humor, motivating guidance, and a technical focus on postures, Ashley creates balanced, yet challenging, classes that encourage students to trust and explore the strength and flexibility of their body.

Ashley's favorite classes involve working with children from preschool through high school. Known for her positive attitude and upbeat energy, Ashley engages the children in developmentally appropriate poses, games, discussions and lessons. Her knowledge of yoga principles, fitness and alignment provides a strong foundation to teach and inspire young minds. 

Above all else, Ashley strives to make sure that her students feel comfortable, acknowledged, aware of their own inner strength and proud of their accomplishments. 

“Ashley was so phenomenal in her Kids Yoga Camp at our studio this summer that we were personally approached by almost every parent by the end of the week requesting we introduce kids classes during the week after the camp ended. She has an excellent demeanor with every age, and is able to keep them captivated while learning and having a great time! I can think of no better instructor to introduce young people to yoga!”
— Sydney Williamson, Owner of Raja Hot Yoga