Bring some balance to your summer camp offerings.

From preschool-aged children to teenagers, today's students feel a tremendous amount of pressure to succeed and achieve in a world that can often feel overwhelming and competitive. Yoga and mindfulness are effective tools that will give your campers the fundamental skills they need to manage the physical, mental and emotional effects of stress. Bringing these practices to your school or camp is a simple way to make your students’ lives happier and healthier, increase their capacity to learn effectively, manage their emotions, regulate their own behavior, and achieve personal and academic success.


Developmental Benefits of Kids Yoga


enhanced coordination |  increased strength & flexibility  | healthy body awareness  | outlet for movement & energy  |  better sleep  |  fine & gross motor skill development


improved executive functioning  |  enhanced focus & attention  | increased engagement  |  greater sensory integration  |  enhanced memory  | ability to "quiet the mind" and focus on the present moment


greater respect for others & self  |  interpersonal communication skills  |  focus on teamwork & community  |  greater compassion & empathy


enhanced self-esteem  |  emotional regulation skills  |  adaptable coping strategies  |  stress & anxiety relief  |  breathing tools to manage challenges & change  |  increased reslience


Kids Yoga Camp is Non-Stop Fun!

Habitat Yoga offers kids yoga classes at schools and yoga studios year-round, but summer is our FAVORITE time to teach kids yoga! At a Habitat Kids Mini-Camp, we offer a full- or half-day program filled with movement, new experiences, teamwork and laughter in a non-competitive, fun environment. If your camp is structured around daily or weekly activities or themes, we can also drop in for a day or week of hourly classes. 


  • Fun yoga poses and sequences
  • Games that challenge students' coordination, dexterity, focus, memory and teamwork
  • Songs and breathing exercises
  • Inversions like headstands, handstands, forearm stands and shoulder stands!
  • Yoga and mindfulness crafts
  • Arm balances like crow pose, spider pose and firefly pose!
  • Guided meditations that allow students to calm the body and mind
  • Group exercises that facilitate respect, community, teamwork and positive body awareness

Meet Ashley

Ashley Drinnon has been teaching yoga to adults and children at yoga studios, workplaces, schools and camps since 2013.

A certified Karma Kids Yoga instructor, Ashley's favorite classes involve working with children from preschool through high school. Known for her positive attitude and upbeat energy, Ashley engages the children in developmentally appropriate poses, games, discussions and lessons. Her knowledge of yoga principles, fitness and alignment provides a strong foundation to teach and inspire young minds. 

Above all else, Ashley strives to make sure that her students feel comfortable, acknowledged, aware of their own inner strength and proud of their accomplishments. 

“Ashley was so phenomenal in her Kids Yoga Camp at our studio this summer that we were personally approached by almost every parent by the end of the week requesting we introduce kids classes during the week after the camp ended. She has an excellent demeanor with every age, and is able to keep them captivated while learning and having a great time! I can think of no better instructor to introduce young people to yoga!”
— Sydney Williamson, Owner of Raja Hot Yoga

Past Camps

“My kids are obsessed with their yoga teacher, Miss Ashley!! I would think teaching kids a yoga class would be about as easy as running a circus, but Miss Ashley makes it seem effortless. She keeps the kids engaged and having fun beginning-to-end, while effectively establishing a great foundation and love for yoga for my girls to build upon as they grow and develop their practice.”
— Amanda Bilodeau, Parent