Incorporate yoga into your curriculum.

From preschool-aged children to teenagers, today's students feel a tremendous amount of pressure to succeed and achieve in a world that can often feel overwhelming and competitive. Yoga and mindfulness are effective tools that will give your students the fundamental skills they need to manage the physical, mental and emotional effects of stress. Bringing these practices to your school is a simple way to make your students’ lives happier and healthier, increase their capacity to learn effectively, manage their emotions, regulate their own behavior, and achieve personal and academic success.

Course Offerings


Weekly mat-based or classroom desk-based yoga classes are available for schools in Nashville or surrounding cities in Middle Tennessee. These 30- to 60-minute classes can serve as a supplementary physical fitness option, as part of the students' classroom experience,  or as an extracurricular program before, during or after school. All classes include supplemental materials and/or progress notes for classroom teachers and parents, providing simple ways to reinforce learning on a daily basis.


Incorporating yoga and mindfulness into your teachers' toolbox can give them the power to connect with their students and create positive, peaceful and productive classrooms. Each of the following 90-minute workshops will arm your teachers with the simple practices and skills to incorporate yoga into their daily lesson plans. Teachers will receive supplemental materials to incorporate the exercises into the school day.

  1. Developmentally Appropriate Yoga for the Classroom
    Teachers will learn breathing exercises, yoga poses, games and mindfulness exercises that can all be used in the classroom, either next to a desk or seated. Each workshop will be tailored to the students' age group, addressing the physical development needs of that age as well as common social, emotional and attention capacity challenges. 
  2. Regulating Energy, Focus & Engagement
    At times, it can be incredibly difficult to reign in students' energy and get them to focus on the task at hand. At other times, students' energy levels dip, and teachers struggle to keep them engaged. This workshop focuses on yoga-based movement and breath techniques to capitalize on high energy levels, increase attention capacity and focus, and encourage alertness and engagement in the classroom.
  3. Encouraging Emotional Awareness & Behavioral Regulation
    This workshop focuses on mindfulness-based behavior management practices for educators. With a focus on breathing techniques and mindfulness tools for both teachers and students, teachers will gain the skill set to engage their students through cooperation rather than control. The emphasis on emotional awareness will give teachers the ability to help students learn how to recognize and regulate their emotions and behavior.


Set your teachers up for success by giving them a relaxing opportunity to focus on their own needs. Yoga classes for your staff provide an outlet to reduce stress, frustration, burnout and exhaustion, while increasing physical activity and energy. No yoga experience required, and we'll bring everything you need!


Build the principles of mindfulness, breath, focus and emotional regulation into your schools' culture with an individualized consultation from Habitat Yoga. We know that each school has its own routines, methods, approach to learning and challenges. Our kids yoga teachers have extensive experience working directly with teachers in a school setting to tailor yoga techniques to the unique classroom and school-wide routines that shape their students' days. 

In this customized, strategic approach, we meet directly with school leadership and teachers to learn about your school's teaching methods, priorities, challenges and opportunities for growth. With a a 2- to 3-week discovery period, we observe your teachers and review your school's training materials to gain an in-depth understanding of your students' routines, motivators and the triggers that may cause anxiety or hinder teachers from connecting with their students in a meaningful way. 

From this discovery period, we provide a recommendation for opportunities to build yoga techniques into your classroom management, school-wide exercises and daily transitions between activities. With your direction, we build a 6- to 10-week plan to train your teachers with the necessary skill set to infuse yoga and mindfulness principles directly into your school's culture. Each consultation program will include teacher workshops, guest teaching and co-planning to demonstrate successful yoga techniques, one-on-one observation and guidance for lead teachers, and a customized Implementation Handbook created specifically for your school.