Bring yoga to the office.

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes in the workplace look different for every company, business, executive or group of coworkers. Bringing these customized classes to your company or organization is an easy way to cater to your employees' physical fitness needs and create an outlet that decreases stress, increases positivity and builds a cohesive, focused team. 

Your work environment will see an increase in productivity and positivity, as well as reduced staff turnover from employees who are less stressed, more energized and more focused.

Happier Employees

Healthier and fitter employees who value wellness in their lives reduce your company's risk of injury, workers' compensation claims and health insurance costs over time.


Providing yoga in the workplace will help to cultivate a positive public image for your company, as potential clients and employees will begin to view you as a business that values wellness, company culture and employee work-life balance. 

Attract New
Talent & Clients

Options for Classes

Each customized workplace program may include several of the following class options.

Weekly or Monthly Class
Classes built for all skill levels to progress over time

Morning Classes
Start the day on the right foot with yoga before work

Chair Yoga
Great option for newer yogis or offices with little space

Coworkers Circle
Team bonding through   personal & company goals

Conferences & Meetings
Build a yoga break into company-wide meetings

Yoga Happy Hour
Finish the day strong with yoga after work

Executive Classes
Private yoga as a perk for busy & stressed leaders

Pain Relief
Classes to focus on back, neck or shoulder pain

Stress Management
Classes focusing on breath, meditation & visualization

Sleep Aid
Restorative yoga class, with meditation & yogic sleep

Yoga Boot Camp
Fusion of yoga with challenging circuit training

30-Day Challenge
Company-wide, yoga-based fitness challenges